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2015  News and Event Photos & Video

  03-15-15  Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Portland Me.  Slides   08-04-15  Jeannie and the Hi-Tops at Gifford Park
  03-15-15  Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Portland Me.  YouTube Slideshow.   08-05-15  Rusted Chrome at the Bandshell in Bethel
  03-15-15  Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Portland Me.  (HD Video 6m44s)    08-09-15  Mid-State Riding Club Horse Show
  03-28-15  Special Olympics Basketball Tournament  08-14-15   Last Mile Ride -- Walk and Run
  05-25-15  Memorial Day Parade Randolph  08-15-15  Last Mile Ride
  05-25-15  Memorial Day Parade Rochester  09-01-15  Randolph Vt Fire Station Burns
  06-13-15  Rochester High School Graduation  09-06-15  Northfield Vt Labor Day Car Show
  07-03-15  Fireworks in Randolph Vt.  09-07-15  Northfield Vt Labor Day Parade & Celebration
  07-04-15  4th of July Parade Randolph  09-07-15  Panhandlers at Northfield's Labor Day Celebration   (HD Video  2m30s)
  07-11-15  Dirty Girl Mud Run in Killington VT.  09-18-15  Tunbridge Worlds Fair Horse Rink
  07-22-15  Bethel Vt Concert in The Park  09-18-15  Tunbridge Worlds Fair 
  07-25-15  Barre Heritage Festival and Parade  10-03-15  Bethel Community Forward Festival
  07-25-15  Barre Heritage Festival Video Clips   (HD Video 4m30s)   10-31-15  Randolph Vt Halloween
  12-17-15  Rochester Vt. School Concert
          12-17-15  Feliz Navidad by 6th and 7th Grade  (HD Video 2m25s)
      12-17-15  Blue Christmas by 8th Grade             (HD Video 2m54s)

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